Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Texas powerpop "supergroup" of sorts

Artist: Love Collector
Title: My Baby Goes Waaah!
Label: Big Action Records
Release date: Sept. 1, 2009
Release number: Bar 23

Texas-based band Love Collector features members of The Ape Shits, Shitty Beach Boys, Dirty Sweets, The Fells, and Sex Advice teaming up to crank out bare bones powerpop songs that sound like a cross between Nobunny and The Barreracudas.

"My Baby Goes Waah!" mixes punk speed and quirkiness with the raw sounds of the previous decade's garage rock revivalists. Flipside starter "Tell Me" sounds like The Busy Signals with a male singer, and it is followed by a nod to pop-inspired punk in its oldest and purest form called "Come Back".

If you dig powerpop at all, you will love this one because, as the Beatle worship cover art indicates, this quartet definitely listened to all the right records as kids.

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