Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Welcome home, Coathangers!

The Coathangers once again brought the party to 529 as they headlined a show sponsored by our friends at Chunklet.

Past Lives, a band featuring former members of Seattle post-hardcore staple The Blood Brothers, weren't really my thing, but several people got their early enough to hear them, and several of those people were dancing, so I guess their set should be considered a success. What surprised me was how their drummer played a style that reminded me of The Selmanaires.

The Coathangers were the second of only two bands, and they got down to business. They did not even blow up baloons or pretend it was New Year's Eve. They just plowed through all the songs you've heard and that new one I had heard good things about. I'll have to hear the new one again to really form a strong opinion about it, but I will go out and say it would not have sounded out of place on Scramble.

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