Monday, May 31, 2010

Noise explosion tomorrow at 529

This should be a good one tomorrow night at 529. Twin Stumps is a Brooklyn-area noise band that recently released their debut LP. The other bands are locals, including classic hardcore punk juggernaut Bukkake Boys. Big Dad, a Hawks side project, will be playing their first show.

A split... sort of, and it's worth a listen

Artist: Georgiana Starlington/Wild Choir
Title: Split 7"
Label: Rob's House Records
Release date: April 2010
Release number: rhr057

Here's a new Rob's House release that technically is a split 7", as Georgiana Starlington and Wild Choir is a pair of bands with shared members and slightly different takes garage-punk.

The backbone of both Brooklyn-based bands is former Black Lips guitarist Jack Hines and his wife and fellow Die Slaughterhaus alum, Julie. The couple is also in the slightly more awesome K-Holes. Joining them in Georgiana Starlington and Wild Choir is Deerhunter drummer Moses Archuleta and Rob's House co-owner and former Liverheart and Gaye Blade Trey Lindsey.

The Georgiana Starlington side offers "Brave Wolf", which is the kind of jangly, country and western inspired tune fans of the groups Army of Bad Luck debut would expect. Jack sings this one, and I've always thought he ironically sounds like a cross between Cole and Joe. Is that because of shared influences, or is there such a thing as a Dunwoody accent?

"Cryin' Over You" by Wild Choir is the flipside, and it is a little less country and a lot more rock and roll. It is a raw take on some really old rock and roll and soul influences. It's good enough to be a Georgiana Starlington track, and I bet a lot of people who see this band live don't know that they are technically hearing a different band when the quartet breaks out this song.

I'd rather have BMW target us than Scion. Just saying...

Here's a BMW advertisement featuring "Cinco de Mayo" by Golden Triangle.

That's the coolest thing since that Hunx Lenscrafters commerical I've never actually seen.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Too good to be called a "side project"

Artist: The Babies
Title: "Meet Me In The City" b/w "Somebody Else"
Label: Make a Mess
Release date: Spring 2010

The second release by this Woods/Vivian Girls collaboration finds Cassie Ramone relegated to backup vocals while Woods' Kevin Morby takes center stage. If letting the guy on bass occasionally nab vocal duties from a girl with an instantly recognizable voice worked for Plexi 3, then it could (and did) work for The Babies.

The title track is indiepop meets garage-punk with girlgroup style backup vocals. And, best of all, there's a sweet mini guitar solo toward the end of this one. These lyrics and this song would not have worked as well with Cassie singing lead, so the switch was a good decision.

"Somebody Else" is similar but faster and presumably more punk-inspired. There's some outstanding lyrics and great guitar work going on here. In fact, I think this band might be a bit too awesome to be called a "side project".

This week's podcast stars Adrian Barrera

7 Inch Atlanta's exclusive interview with Adrian Barrera is now available in handy podcast form. Also tune in to hear songs by Barreracudas, Predator, Dum Dum Girls, Crusaders Of Love, The Customers, Roky Erickson and The Aliens, Carbonas, The Original Three, Thee Oh Sees, The Hussy, Gentleman Jesse & His Men, Paul Collins Beat, The Babies, All Saints Day, The Wax Museums, Cola Freaks, Gold Ghost, and The Bukkake Boys.

7 Inch Atlanta invades Athens

Nate from Cars Can Be Blue and The Trashcans has kindly invited me to his Athens shindigs for months, and I finally made it out to Ben's Bikes last Sunday to see Heavy Cream, several awesome bands that were scheduled to appear, and a nice surprise at the end of the night.
The Trashcans, a garage rock three-piece with ties to both Atlanta and Athens, opened. Though I've been following this band since they started last summer, I had not seen them in a while because lately they've almost exclusively played Athens. It was a fun set, and they sounded tighter than they did when I last saw them (which I'm pretty sure was in the Watch Yr Head House basement).
The Vingettes from Minnesota were next. Don't they just look like a band I would praise now and mention as often as possible later? They were, and I will.

They were a fun two-piece band that was kind of bluesy like our hometown boys from Dead Rabbits. The primary singer (seen above) had a voice that reminded me of one of the ladies from Sleater-Kinney. They even busted out a cover of "Stand By Me" and seemed to enjoy interacting with the audience.

Apparently, the band is going to relocate to Memphis. Let's hope that leads to their Atlanta debut. One of the girls told me they didn't come to our city because they had no Atlanta connections. Hopefully, the guys from The Trashcans have fixed that, because I think you Atlanta folks would eat this band up.
Before I move on to Heavy Cream, has anyone noticed that 1) most of my half-decent pictures make it look like the guy from American Cheeseburger was the only one in the audience (which wasn't true) and 2) the placement of the industrial light fixture makes it look like light is coming out of the nearest musician's butt? Anyhow, moving on...
I was bummed that I missed Heavy Cream the day before in Atlanta because I picked Estoriafest instead. Never fear, because the girls and guy from that band were willing to pull triple duty for us Georgians. Earlier in the evening, they played an Athens bar with their tourmates from JEFF the Brotherhood and, as stated before, they played 529 in Atlanta the previous night.
Lots of Atlantans had told me I'd eat up what this band brings to the table, and I did. Hell, their soundcheck alone was almost worth driving to Athens, as they shredded through a cover of "Mother" by Danzig (which, let's face it, is kind of useless without the video).
The Humms were the last scheduled band, and they, like The Trashcans, are even better than before. It's pretty much a completely new band with a new bass player and my buddy Zig Zag Youngblood from Pipsqueak behind the drum kit. It is impossible to not dance to this band's songs, and I, for one, can't wait to hear their Lemonland LP.

The night was not over, it turned out, because JEFF The Brotherhood decided Heavy Cream should not be the only ones who pulled triple duty. I can't say I saw much of their set, as I took part in a fruitless quest to find Sunday beer, but I can't praise the two touring bands enough for coming out and partying with the crowd at Ben's Bikes.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The sights and smells of Estoriafest

(Photos except for the second and third Tornado Town shots courtesy of Kevin Borke)

Last week's Estoriafest was fun in the shade for day drunks and local music enthusiasts and was headlined by a couple of bands that have a new LP in the works.
Tornado Town opened, as they apparently are known for breaking up and then reforming to play at restaurants.
As you can see, this band features familiar faces working with different people and dipping their musical feet into a slightly different style.
The highlight, aside from Will Greene's guitarist faces (people had to chug a beer everytime he made one. Same went later for Ryan from Mermaids and his drummer faces.), was a heart-felt and well-executed cover of "Bobby is a Lover" by The Gaye Blades performed in tribute to Bobby Ubangi. Nice one, guys.
Glen Iris, another familiar faces doing something a little different band, was next, and they were way more awesome than I remembered them being when I saw them about a year and a half ago. They play some pretty hard and bluesy stuff and have a two guitars and no bass lineup.
Mermaids were next and they stole the show. Every good thing I had heard about this slightly spacey, sorta garagely, and definitely surfy combo is true. They mix the experience of former Gringo Star member Matt McCalvin, Joey from Knife and the 4th Ward Daggers, and former Barberries drummer Ryan Fetter with a couple of really young guys who are also members of The Clap.
The Coathangers then treated the fairly large and inebriated crowd to a couple of brand-new songs, including one where Candice drums and Stephanie takes over keyboard duties.

After the best party band in town exited the stage, The Barreracudas kept the fun going with their newest powerpop gems that likely will be on their debut long-player and old favorites like "Diet Coke".

Adrian Barrera and Warren Bailey were not done for the night, though, as they continued playing in the sweltering heat with their other band, Gentleman Jesse and His Men. Like The Barreracudas, Jesse and his men have a batch of new songs that will someday be on a Douchemaster LP. This was not a standard Gentleman Jesse show, though, because Dave Rahn had a dental emergency and Greg King had to replace him on short notice. The band still sounded great, because when Greg drums the songs end up being faster.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

German Measles take the noise out of noisepop

Artist: The German Measles
Title: "Color Vibration" b/w "I Don't Like Your Friends"
Label: Wild World Records
Release date: March 2010

The Brooklyn boys in The German Measles (was Rubella already claimed as a band name?) take the noise out of today's noisepop, which allows some pretty good lyrics to shine.

"Color Vibrations" sounds like it is really about colors and is not some kind of artsy metaphor. How nerdy yet punk is that? The "whoa ooooh" backups give this a pop quality that would keep this song from sounding out of place if it followed Gentleman Jesse on a mixtape.

The flipside, "I Don't Like Your Friends", is as straightforward as its title suggests. I don't throw around comparisons to an all-time favorite too often, but the slightly humorous yet brutally honest lyrics of this one paired with its singalong chorus allow me to imagine what this would sound like if it was covered by The Dead Milkmen. Actually, there's no point in wondering what a cover would sound like just yet, as there are still hours of enjoyment to be spent listening to the original.

Don't forget my interview with Adrian

He's not turning his back on the radio anymore!

Har har har.

Check it out at tonight at 10 p.m. EST.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sour Notes were tonight's positive note

I scoped out that Sour Notes show I posted about earlier tonight at The Earl, and I'm glad I gave them and The Tealights a chance.

Little Tybee opened, but since The Earl starts weekday shows at a decent hour, I sadly missed their whole set.

When I got there, the band that invited me, The Sour Notes, was already setting up. Before I talk about their music, do they not have the coolest band name? Anyways, Jared Boulanger has brought this Austin-based band back with a new lineup. He is now joined by three girls and another guy behind the drum kit, and collectively they are more than capable of adding a harder edge when needed to their electronic indiepop soundscapes. This band is definitely worth catching if their summer tour passes through your town.

Closing out the night The Tealights, a local band that cranks out beautiful, pofessionally-played songs that are more classy and polished than what I am used to hearing.

As you can probably imagine, I did not recognize anyone at The Earl aside from the door guy and bartender because these bands draw a different crowd than, say, The Barreracudas. That's okay, though, because it was kind of fun to go to a familiar place and feel sort of like a visitor instead of a participant (At home, he's a tourist).

"Georganne" is Balkans' most polished offering to date

Artist: Balkans
Title: Balkans Play "Georganne"
Label: Double Phantom Records
Release date: May 2010

Balkans are back with more slightly surfy,somewhat psychedelic rock and roll, and this time they sound way more polished than before.

A-siders "Bill Spills" and "Leopard Print" bring the surfy, punk influenced sound of earlier Balkans offerings and really showcase Stanley's badass drumming and Frankie's mellow yet mighty vocals.

The title track and b-side, "Georganne", has the same hypnotic effect as a Jacuzzi Boys song, but instead of sounding like my favorite Miami trio this sounds more like really heavy, punk-influenced shoegazing music.

Like numerous Atlanta bands before them, including their tourmates Predator, this group's willingness to play out often has translated into a more polished unit capable of writing and recording songs that top their earlier output. Bringing in one of the city's unsung talents in The N.E.C.'s Cyrus Shahmir ro record and mix this 7" helped the band's cause, as well.

Check these young guys out if they pass through your town this summer. Here's some upcoming shows, including dates for their brief East Coast tour with Predator:

May 29 - Atlanta - Spring 4th Teen Party w/ Predator, Tom P Atlanta
May 30 - Athens - Farm 255 w/ Predator, Bambara
May 31 - Columbia - New Brookland w/ Predator, Mercy Mecry Me
June 2 - Philidelphia - Danger Danger w/ Predator, Power Animal
June 3 - Brooklyn - Bruar Falls w/ Predator, K-Holes
Jun 5 - Brooklyn - Union Pool w/ Predator, The Stalkers
Jun 6 - Brooklyn - Death By Audio w/ Predator, So So Glos
Jun 8 - Nashville - Glen Danzig's House w/ Predator, Canonmen
Jun 9 - Montgomery - Trap House w/ Predator, Shining Path
Jun 10 - Mobile - Alabama Music Box w/ Predator
Jun 11 - Atlanta - Wells Street Warehouse w/ Predator Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 21 - Atlanta - Goat Farm Fest w/ All the Saints, NEC, Hawks + MORE
Sept 25 - Atlanta - High Museum of Art w/ Back Pockets, Phonepunk

The Sour Notes are in town tonight

The Sour Notes are back together and will be in Atlanta tonight. Check it out.

7 Inch Atlanta Radio goes one-on-one with Adrian Barrera

Check out an exclusive interview with Adrian Barrera (The Hiss, Gentleman Jesse, Barreracudas) tomorrow on 7 Inch Atlanta Radio! Tune in to hear Adrian's thoughts on time travel and the upcoming Barreracudas and Gentleman Jesse albums. You will also hear songs by groups like The Customers, The Babies, Paul Collins' Beat, Gold Ghost, The Wax Museums, Predator, Cola Freaks, and more. Check it out tomorrow at 10 p.m. EST on The WOLF Internet Radio,

Monday, May 24, 2010

More timeliness here at 7 Inch Atlanta

The fifth podcast is now available (several hours late) here, on iTunes, and on the player at the bottom of the page. Starting this Wednesday at 10 p.m. on The WOLF Internet Radio(, things are going to be a little different. This week, I've got a short, pre-taped interview with Adrian Barrera, and you'll get to hear clips of the man himself talking about Estoriafest, upcoming tours and records for The Barreracudas and Gentleman Jesse, and how he's constantly learning more about songwriting by working with people like Jesse and Paul Collins.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Documentary makes a stop at David's house

Local solo artist and Attractive Eighties Women member Steve LaBate is part of an ongoing project called 40 Nights of Rock and Roll, where he and a filmmaker friend are going to see 40 concerts in 40 cities this summer. One of the stops so far was in Atlanta. Not only did they stop in Atlanta, they went to DAVE MAGNUM'S HOUSE! It's a shame they didn't film a certain band's recording sessions instead. That'd make for riveting viewing. I'm just kidding, of course, as it's awesome that they filed Tendaberry.

Better than Bubba?

I'm going to scope this out today. I hope it's better than Corndogorama and Bubbapalooza (gag me) combined!!!

Hopefully this will be followed by Magnums practice. It definitely will be followed by a trip to Athens to see Heavy Cream and a slew of other bands at Ben's Bikes.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday delivers the goods

Artist: Happy Birthday
Title: Self-titled LP
Label: Sub-Pop Records
Release date: Winter 2010

Kyle Thomas of King Tuff fame has outdone himself yet again with his newest band, Happy Birthday, and their Sub-Pop debut LP.

Album opener “Girls FM” is the real diamond here. There’s no telling how many plays this song has gotten at 7 Inch Atlanta Headquarters since I snagged a copy of this LP in late March. This song, like most of the album, is bizarre enough to appeal to us overgrown punk kids and is well written and sounds clean and professional enough to please the pickiest indie rock connoisseur. Few bands possess that kind of crossover appeal. I guess that’s why this group is on Sub-Pop, right?

This album comes out the gate stong, and it does not let up. In fact, all eleven tracks are keepers.

Tracks like “Cracked”, “Maxine The Teenage Eskimo”, and “Subliminal Message” allow Thomas to step outside of the powerpop box that perfectly packages his King Tuff persona and write equally good yet more experimental songs.

More mellow numbers like “Perverted Girl” and “Fun” show off Thomas’ songwriting skill almost as well as his King Tuff material.

There’s plenty of variety on this album beyond the experimental and mellow. “Zit” is a balls-out punk song, and those never get old. Towards the end of the album, you’ll hear songs in “I Want To Stay (I Run Away)” and “Pink Strawberry Shake” that make it sound like Happy Birthday would rather be the modern answer to Electric Light Orchestra than The Rolling Stones.

Come December, this, along with the debut long-players by Dum Dum Girls and Crusaders of Love, will be in the album of the year argument.

Oops, or a boner (in the traditional sense of the term)

Notice something odd about my last post? I thought that Crusaders of Love show was this week, when the poster clearly says May 27. No one called me out on this, so I guess no one paid attention close enough to say, "Hmmm, I should check this out tonight."

Those other shows, to the best of my knowledge, really did happen.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

An option-packed Thursday

The can't miss for tomorrow night is this:Three of Atlanta's finest plus The Crusaders of Love and Exhumans at one of the crunkest (do people still say that?) spots in town.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, you can go up the street to 529 and see Gold Ghost's last show under that name and Frankie's last gig as their drummer. The Clap are also playing 529, and they are awesome. Or you could go to Lenny's and see my Trashcans pals.

So many choices.

Episode 5 airs tonight

Episode 5 airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST on The WOLF ( and will celebrate several of 7 Inch Atlanta’s Mess Around favorites (better a month late than never!) with songs by The Dutchess & The Duke, Black Flag, Bad Sports, Woven Bones, White Wires, Mika Miko, The Black Lips, The Lids, Quadiliacha, Those Darlins, Jay Reatard, Magnums, Coffin Bound, Plexi 3, Vivian Girls, Happy Birthday, King Louie’s Missing Monuments, Wizzard Sleeve, APA, and Black Tambourine.

This will be the final episode with the simple me playing songs and talking to myself format. Interviews with some of your local favorites will start popping up next Wednesday if I can con anyone at Estoriafest Saturday or the Heavy Cream show Sunday in Athens into talking to me!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

All Saint's Day 7" coming this summer

All Saint's Day (Kickball Katy from Vivian Girls and Gregg Foreman from Cat Power) will have their debut 7", "It'll Come Around" b/w "Only Time Will Tell" released sometime this summer on Art Fag Recordings. Those Art Fag people, they know what's good.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's video week here at 7 Inch Atlanta

Remember when I promised these? They are videos from Record Store Day of one of my personal favorites, Those Darlins. The last video is of one of their brand new songs that likely will be on the new LP they plan to record later this year.

The guy who yells "100 more" was a nasty hippie who smelled like piss. He was literally on my heels, so I didn't feel bad when I needed to fart midway through the song. True story.

Davila 666!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wild Choir/Georgiana Starlington from The Mess Around

Here's the songs from a new Rob's House release that technically is a split 7" as performed at the Mess Around. I say technically because both Georgiana Starlington and Wild Choir feature Jack and Julie Hines, Moses Archuleta from Deerhunter, and Rob's House/Sing Sing Records co-owner Trey Lindsey.

Episode 4 is now available to download

Check it out on Podomatic and the bottom of this page or wait a day and nab it from iTunes.

The Crusaders of Love unleash undergound pop goodness, Douchemaster style

Artist: The Crusaders of Love
Title: Never Grow Up
Label: Douchemaster Records
Release date: March 16, 2010
Release number: DMR 036
Vinyl color: Split yellow and red vinyl

Atlanta’s favorite garage-pop Frenchmen, The Crusaders of Love, decided to sound more “pop” than “garage” and cut out psychedelic influences altogether on their debut Douchemaster long-player. This slight change in direction led to a one of this year’s finest albums.

For the most part, this release is the undergound pop goodness we've all come to expect from Douchemaster and is anchored by should-be hits like powerpop gem “Can’t Get Enough” and the Gentleman Jesse-esque “Better When I’m Gone.”

A lot of the songs are unapologetic ‘60’s pop worship reminiscent of Gentleman Jesse Smith’s other band, The Gaye Blades, and even The Booze. While they don’t necessarily sound just like their bands, The Crusaders of Love at least have similar record collections to local songwriters Smith, Jared Swilley, and Randy Michael.

This pop worship led to dance- and sing-alongs in “Good Time All the Time” and “Time” that’ll be stuck in your memory somewhere in between your grocery list and your mom’s birthday.

Other highlights include slowed-down, mellow garage rocker “If You Want To Try” and the lightning fast “Looking For Us,” which for some reason reminds me of The Hiss. I guess that means this one would have been a hit in 2001. It would have been a worthy hit then, and it would be a worthy hit now if people outside of our little garage-punk world would give bands like this one a chance.

The album ends on a strong note with an effective cover of King Louie’s “Looking For a Heart,” which features some of the best guitar work on the whole album.

If you are wondering where real rock and roll has gone, you probably haven’t heard this album yet. You’ll likely be hearing more from these guys in the future, because people who play real shit and appreciate the classics always outlast the trends.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Barreracudas, Hawks, and more. And it's for a good cause.

I'm out of town and not at an exciting place, so go take my spot in the crowd.

Friday, May 14, 2010

News and Notes

* The Biters are now the only band in town with its own customized skateboard deck. You heard it here first!
* Atlanta's Gaye Blades (featuring members of The Carbonas, Predator, Black Lips, and Gentleman Jesse, just to name a few) have covered The Rolling Stones' classic "Ruby Tuesday" for one of those Norton Records split 7"s. The flipside is Brooklyn's The Girls At Dawn with a cover of "That Girl Belongs To Yesterday", a Richards-Jagger pinned tune made famous by Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Gene Pitney.

Jacuzzi Boys impress on Cinco De Mayo

(Photos courtesy of Kevin Bourke)
The last time I was out and about in Atlanta was on Cinco De Mayo, and Miami's Jacuzzi Boys and our hometown Coathangers were playing what was guaranteed to be a solid show The Earl.

The Earl took a page from The Highland Inn's book and started on time, causing those of us who were still wrapping up finals to miss The Sunglasses. Which is a shame, because they are one of those bands that has really grown on me over the past year and a half.

I did see most of The Coathangers' set, including the best live version of "Don't Touch My Shit" I've ever heard. It is worth restating that these girls have gotten much tighter since they started touring. People who dismiss them should really give them a second or third chance.

Closing out the night was The Jacuzzi Boys, and based on their set they are really on top of their game right now. Gabe is someone else I like who I can credit with having one of garage-punk's unique voices. They played most of the good songs from their Florida's Dying LP, including the awesomeness that is "Planet of the Dreamers," which you can hear in the first episode of our radio show. I think the best thing about the Jacuzzi Boys is their music screams Florida. They have a tune about wrestling alligators, for Christsakes!

After the show wrapped up, I walked across the street to 529 to catch most of Doomed Youth's set and to hear Chet Knight DJing. Doomed Youth are a year older, a little less UK '82-ish, and a lot more metal than they were when I last saw them play at the old Danger House basement. It was fun, and some tough looking old dudes in the crowd danced like it was 1989.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Mess-Around videos from YouTube land

Here's some Paul Collins on his birthday:

And this was just brilliant:

News and notes

* The Drunken Unicorn now has a blog which previews shows and gives us descriptions of acts ranging from awesome (Hermon Hitson) to shit (Wheatus). Plus, that mock American Apparel ad with Little Jake is the header.

* There will be a cool show at Ben's Bikes in Athens on March 23 featuring The Vignettes, Heavy Cream, The Mermaids, Knaves Grave, The Humms, and The Trashcans. Heavy Cream will be in Atlanta the night before playing that 529 show with JEFF the Brotherhood. Neither show should be missed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode 4 brings us the digital age

Episode 4 airs tonight at 10 p.m. EST at and was made without the music I’ve ripped from vinyl because of some changes at The WOLF. The good news is the stuff I’ve ripped from CD is quality and is by bands like Those Darlins, The Goodnight Loving, Beat Beat Beat, The Coathangers, D.C. Snipers, The Baby Shakes, Gentleman Jesse and His Men, The Cute Lepers, The Powerchords, Finally Punk, The Stolen Minks, Cars Can Be Blue, The Carbonas, Vivian Girls, The Black Lips, The Weekenders, Electric Shadows, The Vandals, Hotpants Romance, and The Spooks. That’s 20 songs by 20 bands, with 12 of those bands making their 7 Inch Atlanta Radio debut!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gold Ghost's free EP, just in time for the band to change their name

Gold Ghost is an Atlanta band with familiar faces in Dan Wakefield (formerly of Abby Go-Go, Ominous Castle, and Facehugger) and Balkans' Frankie Broyles playing a slightly different style of music. They've apparently added another former Abby Go-Go member in drummer Paul McPherson. I'm not sure if he's replacing anyone or if they are a four-piece now. Also, the all-knowing Facebook tells me that the band is about to change their name.

Let the season of giving here at 7 Inch Atlanta continue as we present the artists currently known as Gold Ghost's EP 101.

Happy second birthday!

This blog is two years old today, which made for a good excuse to look at past posts and remember stuff like some of my favorite records from the last two years, new groups like G.G. King and The Barreracudas emerging, old favorites like The Carbonas and Mika Miko calling it a day, plus other memories ranging from the absurd to the tragic.

Just looking at 2010 so far tells you how much fun there is to be had if you go out to shows in Atlanta. This year alone, we've had the Mess Around, which proved to be a huge success, and now we all get to look forward to seeing The Spits and Nobunny on the same bill in the near future. Not that their show will be this awesome.

(I didn't draw this. Honest.)

As far as releases in 2010 go, most of the bright spots have come from our friends in Brooklyn or on the West Coast. That could change, though, once Derek Lyn Plastic, Predator, Gentleman Jesse, and The Barreracudas wrap up their new LPs.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dum Dum Girls have a sensitive side

Artist:Dum Dum Girls
Title: I Will Be
Label: Sub-Pop/HoZac records
Release date: March 2010

Fuzzed-out garage-punk queen Dee Dee and the The Dum Dum Girls show their sensitive side with their debut LP, which was co-released earlier this year by HoZac and Sub-Pop records.

Early songs like “Catholicked” offered a haunting and dreary yet beautiful vibe that set Dum Dum Girls apart from comparable groups like Brilliant Colors. Since then, the band has shown a penchant for ‘60’s inspired pop gems like “Jail La La” and “Brite Futures”.

Would most of the songs on the first Dum Dum Girls full-length be chilling like cuts from the now classic Captured Tracks 12” or poppy like Sub-Pop single “Jail La La”, which appears on the album?

The answer, aside from the dreary goodness of “Bhang Bhang I’m a Burnout” and Dee Dee singing beautifully in German on “Oh Mein Me”, is none of the above, as our favorite modern songstress has gotten all sweet on us. So sweet and sentimental that her husband makes a guest appearance and the picture on the cover is a picture of her mother.

“Rest of Our Lives” is a excellently-written mellow love song that would make Burt Bacharach proud. This song is when you will figure out that “Jesus dies for somebody’s sins, but not mine” has given way to “Your eyes consume me”. It might be the best Dum Dum Girls song to date, and that’s saying something.

The saccharine overdose continues with “Blank Girl”, a duet between Dee Dee and her husband, which I loved after the second listen. What killed the first listen was I thought her husband was saying, “It’s so sweet to see you naked” instead of “It’s so sweet to see you make it.” I should have known the lyrics could not get that bad with this band.

A couple of upbeat songs in “Yours Alone” and the title track are about falling in love, while “It Only Takes One Night” and “Everybody’s Out” is about the fear of losing the person you love.

The band gave its own twist to a trio of covers on their Blissed Out cassette, including a Black Tambourine cover that still gets lots of plays at 7 Inch Atlanta Headquarters. The cover de jure on this release is “Baby Don’t Go”, which totally got the hauntingly beautiful treatment that makes the line “I never had a mother, I hardly knew my dad” sound so much more depressing.

It’s early to be arguing this, but I would be surprised if anything comes out between now and December that will keep the album of the year race from coming down to this and Happy Birthday’s debut long-player.

Another newbie/freebie, and this one is by This Piano Plays Itself

Atmospheric rockers This Piano Plays Itself has a new album, As The House..., dropping May 21.

Here's the tracklist:
1. As The House...
2. Who We Were
3. Where We Lived
4. What Happened
5. How We Left
6. When We Got There
7. Why We Stayed
8. ...It Fills With Light

Dying to hear at least one track? Never fear, because 7 Inch Atlanta is sharing "Who We Were" (right click and save as) with our readers and This Piano Plays Itself's fans.

The album release party will be May 21 at The Drunken Unicorn and will also feature Untied States and Nomen Novum. Admission to this $8, 18+ show will include a free CD.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday is 7 Inch Atlanta's second birthday!

Last year, I celebrated with Plexi 3 and Double Dynamite. The latter partied so hard that they haven't played a show since! What will I do this year? I've got a whole day to decide. I'll probably just post about what the past two years have been like and talk about where the blog and radio show are heading.

Fuck it, I'll go ahead and say where the radio show is heading. When I get back to my show-going ways in a week or two, I will have a nice digital recorder the government bought me (grant money) and I plan on using that for both station IDs and brief interview clips. The next step toward having a much better radio show will come as soon as July and as late as September, which is when I will finally start having a live show.

Episode 3 is now available for you radio listeners

Episode 3 is up on Podomatic, it'll be on iTunes soon, and it's also at the bottom of the page on the media player.

We've got a 10-57

Black Lips guitarist and wristwatch pitchman Ian St. Pe told me the other night that someone broke into his hotel room and stole his world-famous grill. We do not condone violence here at 7 Inch Atlanta, but if you see someone around Atlanta with Ian's grill in their mouth, you should at least give them a pretty harsh guilt trip.

New Back Pockets album for free

Check out the new Back Pockets album for free at this link, courtesy of band member Adam Bruneau and his Rabbits Full of Magic blog. Adam has done a little bit of everything musically and visually, and he's even a member of The Spooks, so you should support him, his blog, and his various projects.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Nevermind Cinco De Mayo, Here's Episode 3!

Tune in tomorrow night at 10 p.m. to The WOLF ( and hear The Carbonas, Vivian Girls, Love Collector, G.G. King, The Spits, Balkans, The Pets, Mika Miko, Brilliant Colors, Japanese Motors, The Wipers, The Stolen Minks, The Dead Milkmen, The King Khan and BBQ Show, Gentleman Jesse and His Men, The Impulse International, Frankie Rose, The Beaters, Burning Yellows, and Jay Reatard.

Old news: Day 2 of the Mess-Around

The second day of the Mess-Around may have topped the first overall, even if no individual set was quite as awesome as the show Davila 666 put on Friday.

When I arrived at 529, Games had already played. The band apparently features Jeremy Thompson of Carbonas/Busy Signals/Sing Sing Records fame and a personal favorite of mine in The Weight's Joseph Plunkett.

I did see Georgiana Starlington and loved their set. They've got a star-studded lineup now, as Rob's House co-owner Trey Lindsey and Deerhunter drummer Moses Archuleta are permanently in the fold along with former Black Lips guitarist Jack Hines and his wife Julie. The Hines family splits singing duties as they play mellow, country and western-inspired rock and roll.

I somehow missed The Carnivores, but fortunately had a spot up front for Frantic. Brannon and Mike work great together, as we all know, and for this set they were joined by Ryan Bell from The Bukkake Boys on bass, Dave Rahn playing guitar until his knuckles bled, and Greg King back at home behind a drum kit. The crowd went ape shit, the band sounded good, and "WhiteTown" is still one of the most kickass punk songs to ever come out of our city.

Wizzard Sleeve is a bunch of multi-tasking, garage rocking Alabamians who I had to listen to from the doorway because 529 was packed by this stage and I foolishly stepped outside for fresh air after Frantic was finished pile driving me. Wizzard Sleeve was a favorite of several friends, and hopefully the next time they pass through I will both hear and see them live.

The place was packed for Gentleman Jesse and His Men, so I watched them from the bar and enjoyed old favorites and some good new songs that hopefully will be on the LP they apparently have almost wrapped up.

Once festivities at The Earl began, it was time for Predator to blow quite a few of our out of town visitors off stage. They get better and better, which is amazing when you consider that they were awesome to begin with.

Woven Bones was one of the bands I wanted to see the most, and they did not disappoint. Dum Dum Girls might be more cheerful sounding here lately, but this trio is still willing to give you your fix of lo-fi, drown-out dreariness. They have added a new drummer since I saw them last (she told me she joined the fold around SXSW time), and she's the perfect fit for this group. Here's to a good show when they come back to Atlanta this summer and a great debut LP when it drops later this month.

The White Wires then played hyperactive garage-pop that was a well-measured mix of sweet and silly. They were a blast to watch, and they looked like they had a blast playing.

King Louie has gotten all poppy on us with his Missing Monuments, and while he's spinning an unbroken wheel, he still comes across as one of the most creative minds in the game.

By the time Paul Collins' Beat, featuring members of Gentleman Jesse as the backup band, hit the stage, I was wasted and doing interpretive dances to "Rock and Roll Girl." True story. No need to be ashamed, though, as I was not the only one dancing the night away. Paul and friends were great, as always, playing all of the hits and some of the songs that kind of sound like the hits.

Closing out the night was Reigning Sound, featuring the legendary Greg Cartwright. They staged yet another singalong, as all of the people with tired feet and worn-out livers and bladders were willing to enjoy one last set before heading home after one hell of a weekend.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Episode 2 is now available to download

Enjoy the sounds of "My Love Will Follow Me" and Adrian's ongoing war with Predator! Download it now from Podomatic or wait a day or two and nab it from iTunes.

Or you could just listen via the nifty new media player I've posted at the very bottom of the page.