Sunday, May 30, 2010

7 Inch Atlanta invades Athens

Nate from Cars Can Be Blue and The Trashcans has kindly invited me to his Athens shindigs for months, and I finally made it out to Ben's Bikes last Sunday to see Heavy Cream, several awesome bands that were scheduled to appear, and a nice surprise at the end of the night.
The Trashcans, a garage rock three-piece with ties to both Atlanta and Athens, opened. Though I've been following this band since they started last summer, I had not seen them in a while because lately they've almost exclusively played Athens. It was a fun set, and they sounded tighter than they did when I last saw them (which I'm pretty sure was in the Watch Yr Head House basement).
The Vingettes from Minnesota were next. Don't they just look like a band I would praise now and mention as often as possible later? They were, and I will.

They were a fun two-piece band that was kind of bluesy like our hometown boys from Dead Rabbits. The primary singer (seen above) had a voice that reminded me of one of the ladies from Sleater-Kinney. They even busted out a cover of "Stand By Me" and seemed to enjoy interacting with the audience.

Apparently, the band is going to relocate to Memphis. Let's hope that leads to their Atlanta debut. One of the girls told me they didn't come to our city because they had no Atlanta connections. Hopefully, the guys from The Trashcans have fixed that, because I think you Atlanta folks would eat this band up.
Before I move on to Heavy Cream, has anyone noticed that 1) most of my half-decent pictures make it look like the guy from American Cheeseburger was the only one in the audience (which wasn't true) and 2) the placement of the industrial light fixture makes it look like light is coming out of the nearest musician's butt? Anyhow, moving on...
I was bummed that I missed Heavy Cream the day before in Atlanta because I picked Estoriafest instead. Never fear, because the girls and guy from that band were willing to pull triple duty for us Georgians. Earlier in the evening, they played an Athens bar with their tourmates from JEFF the Brotherhood and, as stated before, they played 529 in Atlanta the previous night.
Lots of Atlantans had told me I'd eat up what this band brings to the table, and I did. Hell, their soundcheck alone was almost worth driving to Athens, as they shredded through a cover of "Mother" by Danzig (which, let's face it, is kind of useless without the video).
The Humms were the last scheduled band, and they, like The Trashcans, are even better than before. It's pretty much a completely new band with a new bass player and my buddy Zig Zag Youngblood from Pipsqueak behind the drum kit. It is impossible to not dance to this band's songs, and I, for one, can't wait to hear their Lemonland LP.

The night was not over, it turned out, because JEFF The Brotherhood decided Heavy Cream should not be the only ones who pulled triple duty. I can't say I saw much of their set, as I took part in a fruitless quest to find Sunday beer, but I can't praise the two touring bands enough for coming out and partying with the crowd at Ben's Bikes.

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