Wednesday, May 26, 2010

German Measles take the noise out of noisepop

Artist: The German Measles
Title: "Color Vibration" b/w "I Don't Like Your Friends"
Label: Wild World Records
Release date: March 2010

The Brooklyn boys in The German Measles (was Rubella already claimed as a band name?) take the noise out of today's noisepop, which allows some pretty good lyrics to shine.

"Color Vibrations" sounds like it is really about colors and is not some kind of artsy metaphor. How nerdy yet punk is that? The "whoa ooooh" backups give this a pop quality that would keep this song from sounding out of place if it followed Gentleman Jesse on a mixtape.

The flipside, "I Don't Like Your Friends", is as straightforward as its title suggests. I don't throw around comparisons to an all-time favorite too often, but the slightly humorous yet brutally honest lyrics of this one paired with its singalong chorus allow me to imagine what this would sound like if it was covered by The Dead Milkmen. Actually, there's no point in wondering what a cover would sound like just yet, as there are still hours of enjoyment to be spent listening to the original.

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