Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy second birthday!

This blog is two years old today, which made for a good excuse to look at past posts and remember stuff like some of my favorite records from the last two years, new groups like G.G. King and The Barreracudas emerging, old favorites like The Carbonas and Mika Miko calling it a day, plus other memories ranging from the absurd to the tragic.

Just looking at 2010 so far tells you how much fun there is to be had if you go out to shows in Atlanta. This year alone, we've had the Mess Around, which proved to be a huge success, and now we all get to look forward to seeing The Spits and Nobunny on the same bill in the near future. Not that their show will be this awesome.

(I didn't draw this. Honest.)

As far as releases in 2010 go, most of the bright spots have come from our friends in Brooklyn or on the West Coast. That could change, though, once Derek Lyn Plastic, Predator, Gentleman Jesse, and The Barreracudas wrap up their new LPs.

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