Friday, May 14, 2010

Jacuzzi Boys impress on Cinco De Mayo

(Photos courtesy of Kevin Bourke)
The last time I was out and about in Atlanta was on Cinco De Mayo, and Miami's Jacuzzi Boys and our hometown Coathangers were playing what was guaranteed to be a solid show The Earl.

The Earl took a page from The Highland Inn's book and started on time, causing those of us who were still wrapping up finals to miss The Sunglasses. Which is a shame, because they are one of those bands that has really grown on me over the past year and a half.

I did see most of The Coathangers' set, including the best live version of "Don't Touch My Shit" I've ever heard. It is worth restating that these girls have gotten much tighter since they started touring. People who dismiss them should really give them a second or third chance.

Closing out the night was The Jacuzzi Boys, and based on their set they are really on top of their game right now. Gabe is someone else I like who I can credit with having one of garage-punk's unique voices. They played most of the good songs from their Florida's Dying LP, including the awesomeness that is "Planet of the Dreamers," which you can hear in the first episode of our radio show. I think the best thing about the Jacuzzi Boys is their music screams Florida. They have a tune about wrestling alligators, for Christsakes!

After the show wrapped up, I walked across the street to 529 to catch most of Doomed Youth's set and to hear Chet Knight DJing. Doomed Youth are a year older, a little less UK '82-ish, and a lot more metal than they were when I last saw them play at the old Danger House basement. It was fun, and some tough looking old dudes in the crowd danced like it was 1989.

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