Friday, May 28, 2010

The sights and smells of Estoriafest

(Photos except for the second and third Tornado Town shots courtesy of Kevin Borke)

Last week's Estoriafest was fun in the shade for day drunks and local music enthusiasts and was headlined by a couple of bands that have a new LP in the works.
Tornado Town opened, as they apparently are known for breaking up and then reforming to play at restaurants.
As you can see, this band features familiar faces working with different people and dipping their musical feet into a slightly different style.
The highlight, aside from Will Greene's guitarist faces (people had to chug a beer everytime he made one. Same went later for Ryan from Mermaids and his drummer faces.), was a heart-felt and well-executed cover of "Bobby is a Lover" by The Gaye Blades performed in tribute to Bobby Ubangi. Nice one, guys.
Glen Iris, another familiar faces doing something a little different band, was next, and they were way more awesome than I remembered them being when I saw them about a year and a half ago. They play some pretty hard and bluesy stuff and have a two guitars and no bass lineup.
Mermaids were next and they stole the show. Every good thing I had heard about this slightly spacey, sorta garagely, and definitely surfy combo is true. They mix the experience of former Gringo Star member Matt McCalvin, Joey from Knife and the 4th Ward Daggers, and former Barberries drummer Ryan Fetter with a couple of really young guys who are also members of The Clap.
The Coathangers then treated the fairly large and inebriated crowd to a couple of brand-new songs, including one where Candice drums and Stephanie takes over keyboard duties.

After the best party band in town exited the stage, The Barreracudas kept the fun going with their newest powerpop gems that likely will be on their debut long-player and old favorites like "Diet Coke".

Adrian Barrera and Warren Bailey were not done for the night, though, as they continued playing in the sweltering heat with their other band, Gentleman Jesse and His Men. Like The Barreracudas, Jesse and his men have a batch of new songs that will someday be on a Douchemaster LP. This was not a standard Gentleman Jesse show, though, because Dave Rahn had a dental emergency and Greg King had to replace him on short notice. The band still sounded great, because when Greg drums the songs end up being faster.