Monday, May 31, 2010

A split... sort of, and it's worth a listen

Artist: Georgiana Starlington/Wild Choir
Title: Split 7"
Label: Rob's House Records
Release date: April 2010
Release number: rhr057

Here's a new Rob's House release that technically is a split 7", as Georgiana Starlington and Wild Choir is a pair of bands with shared members and slightly different takes garage-punk.

The backbone of both Brooklyn-based bands is former Black Lips guitarist Jack Hines and his wife and fellow Die Slaughterhaus alum, Julie. The couple is also in the slightly more awesome K-Holes. Joining them in Georgiana Starlington and Wild Choir is Deerhunter drummer Moses Archuleta and Rob's House co-owner and former Liverheart and Gaye Blade Trey Lindsey.

The Georgiana Starlington side offers "Brave Wolf", which is the kind of jangly, country and western inspired tune fans of the groups Army of Bad Luck debut would expect. Jack sings this one, and I've always thought he ironically sounds like a cross between Cole and Joe. Is that because of shared influences, or is there such a thing as a Dunwoody accent?

"Cryin' Over You" by Wild Choir is the flipside, and it is a little less country and a lot more rock and roll. It is a raw take on some really old rock and roll and soul influences. It's good enough to be a Georgiana Starlington track, and I bet a lot of people who see this band live don't know that they are technically hearing a different band when the quartet breaks out this song.

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