Sunday, May 30, 2010

Too good to be called a "side project"

Artist: The Babies
Title: "Meet Me In The City" b/w "Somebody Else"
Label: Make a Mess
Release date: Spring 2010

The second release by this Woods/Vivian Girls collaboration finds Cassie Ramone relegated to backup vocals while Woods' Kevin Morby takes center stage. If letting the guy on bass occasionally nab vocal duties from a girl with an instantly recognizable voice worked for Plexi 3, then it could (and did) work for The Babies.

The title track is indiepop meets garage-punk with girlgroup style backup vocals. And, best of all, there's a sweet mini guitar solo toward the end of this one. These lyrics and this song would not have worked as well with Cassie singing lead, so the switch was a good decision.

"Somebody Else" is similar but faster and presumably more punk-inspired. There's some outstanding lyrics and great guitar work going on here. In fact, I think this band might be a bit too awesome to be called a "side project".

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