Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Death dance rock for brainiacs

Artist: Death Domain
Title: 3-song 7"
Label: Army of Bad Luck
Release date: January 2010
Release number: ABL016

Death Domain is awkward dance beats mixed with brainy lyrics that could only have been written by a molecular microbiology student like longtime SIDS member Adam Stroupe.

Stroupe is not just a student, though, as Creative Loafing's Chad Radford reported last year that the reason he moved to Baltimore was to persue his Ph.D. at John Hopkins University. So if these lyrics go over your head (I'm a graduate student and I don't know what the fuck "Toxoplasma Gondii" means), he's not showing off. He's writing about what's prominent in his life the moment he sits down to compose a song, and that's what good songwriters do.

The a-side, "Toxoplasma Gondii", is like a really cerebral and less dance-worthy Gary Numan song. It's pretty catchy stuff, even if the science nerd lyrics will probably zoom right over your head.

The two b-sides are a little more experimental, like SIDs without the crazy, unpredictable punk approach. "From My Window" has a title most of us can pronounce and sounds like it is about a tourtured, distant admirer and not something over our heads about cells splitting or whatever.

This three song release is a hard one to define. It's too smooth to be punk or industrial and way more cerebral than even the most arsty-farsty noise rock songs.

What else? It has a glow-in-the-dark cover!

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