Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ohio's best primitive, trilingual, all-girl punk band crashes a Die Slaughterhaus party

Die Slaughterhaus Records hosted the first of two straight Friday night shows at 529last weekend, with Cleveland's HotChaCha stealing the show.

Opening the show was Athens-based comedic duo Cars Can Be Blue, as they busted out a couple of new, poppy songs and quite a few old, slightly perverse favorites. As usual, Nate and Becky's on-stage banter was as funny as the songs themselves. Mark from Die Slaughterhaus and I were almost in tears when Nate was describing the play at home version of Cars Can Be Blue, which was a cross between the old Life board game and those VHS-enhanced games from the early 90's.

Up next was Pizza Party, a slightly sloppy thrash and hardcore band reminiscent of Suicidal Tendencies. There was not as much crowd activity as there usually is at 529 when a faster punk band is on stage, but that is not because Pizza Party did not emit equal parts humor and rage. It was a lot of fun to see Jessica Juzz play bass in a band. She's one of those people who does a lot of different things well, though I think I prefer seeing her as a fearless frontwoman.

On third and stealing the show was the tribe of Ohio ladies known as HotChaCha. If you have heard any of their recordings, including their brand new LP, you know this group is good. If you have not seen them live, though, you don't know how awesome they truly are. Though they sound different, I would imagine if HotChaCha's multilingual predecessors from Kleenex/Liliput reformed they would give off the same tribal vibe when performing live. When lead singer Jovana told us from stage that the group was facing transmission issues with their van, I decided immediately that a trip to the nearest ATM was in order. Pricey vehicle repairs suck and this band doesn't, so everyone was done a favor when they sold me their LP.

Closing out the night was Atlanta's best party band, The Coathangers. They have gotten a lot of love lately here on 7 Inch Atlanta, so there's no need to rehash old reviews about how much fun it is to see this band. Instead, let's go ahead and get excited about the Die Slaughterhaus 7" they will be recording soon. Now that will be a fun 7" release show. Maybe, if we are all lucky, HotChaCha will come back and play that one!

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