Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Did you sit around and miss me while I was gone?

June 23? Wow, it’s been a minute since I posted here.

I generally have tried to avoid talking about myself on this blog, but I feel like the handful that still check this space to see if I’ve gotten back into the blogging game should know why 7 Inch Atlanta pretty much died a sudden death.

This summer, I have been working with The Georgia Humanities Council and the University of West Georgia’s Center for Public History on a Smithsonian (!) exhibit on traditional music called New Harmonies. I am currently part of a three-scholar team that is studying traditional music in the state so we can help localize the exhibit. Basically, New Harmonies has exhibit panels every site will have to set up, and we will provide Georgia-specific literature for the sites that get the exhibit when it passes through the state in 2012.

Between that and my graduate thesis on underground music in Atlanta (the working title right now is Kids Like You and Me: Punk and Undergound Music in Atlanta: 1978-2010), you can imagine that if I am awake, I am probably writing or reading about music.

Somebody has got to do the research I am doing for those two academic projects, and plenty of other people are blogging. When I first felt burnt out, there was no question about what had to go first.

The 7 Inch Atlanta name still exists through my radio show and podcast (which I am way behind on uploading those, aren’t I?), so check that out. If you have given me a record that never got reviewed, do not fret because getting played on college radio is way cooler than being blogged about by an ex-news reporter who cannot get writing out of his system.

Thanks to everyone who put me on a guest list, gave me a record, or merely said a kind word about the blog. It was fun for two years and kept me with an excuse to write and track down new music.

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