Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another batch of reviews!

Here's some new-ish 7" I am digging, and you should, too.

Mermaids: "Holiday" b/w "Whirlpool" (Pretty Ambitious Records)
Mermaids' two-song debut takes the fun-in-the-sun leanings shared by many contemporary bands back to the garage. The beach parties this combination of Atlanta scene veterans and promising youngsters evoke with their music have more dancing, beer, and girls than the ones you'd picture while listening to the snoozecore of (fill in the blank) Beach(es). "Whirlpool," the b-side, is a nice, quick punch of 60's-inpsired pop, while the lengthier "Holiday" will totally drench you with harmonies and the steady drumming that has made Ryan Fetter Atlanta's current go-to drummer.

Knaves Grave: "I Don't Wanna Be Yr A.A.R.P." b/w "Shitty Sunrise" (Army of Bad Luck Records)
Atlanta's Knaves Grave plays guitar-driven, pop-inspired punk, and if you've seen them live, you know they play it loud. These songs, the a-side especially, are summertime anthems in a year when it apparently is going to stay hot until Christmas. Both tunes scream "I don't want to grow up" both lyrically and musically. Me either.

Step Dads: debut 7" (NMG Records)
Derek Lyn Plastic screaming his way through songs with titles like "Grim Reaper," "Power Slut" (Supertramp was already taken), "I Hate Haiti," and "Love Jail." Nothing else needs to be said, except that Paul Harper (Deerhunter, Facehugger) wrote and played all the guitar parts, which totally shred. "I Hate Haiti" is probably the catchiest of all the Derek Lyn Plastic-related songs released this year, so don't be scared away by the title. There's obviously a chuckle or two to be had here, but that does not take away from the fact that these guys recorded a damn good hardcore record.

Magnums: Young Romans 7" (NMG Records)
Here's another Derek Lyn Plastic production, with a different Facehugger vet in David Spence on guitar and yours truly on vocals. Spence shines with Spits-inspired guitar weirdness on "Young Romans", but the b-side tracks are the keepers. "Baa Baa White Sheep" is about the type of people you'll have to contend with if you, like me, make a career out of being a college student. "Fetishists Anonymous" through humor reveals that pretty much all of us get off to weird stuff. The next time I insult one of your bands while hiding behind a computer screen, remember that I'm the one who rhymed "electric shock" and "Willard Scott."

K-Holes: Swamp Fires 7" (11th Hour Records)
Former Atlantans, Georgiana Starlington/Wild Choir bandmates, and spouses Jack and Julie Hines provide the local ties to this raw garage rock unit from Brooklyn. "Swamp Fires" is bluesy, swampy rock with horns, while the more upbeat "Werewolf (With a Tan?)" is a female-fronted take on early rock and roll. Based on their two current bands, I'd be willing to guess there's a wide array of awesome records at the Hines residence.

That all was horribly biased.

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